Crazy Stuff I've Seen in Dallas TX: Sketchy Signs Edition

If you enjoy this post, be sure to check out my most recent edition... FREAKY Signs!  ;P  This place is weird!  Weird, I say!!

I'll admit, moving to Dallas has meant some mild culture shock.  Take this for example...  Dallas seems to have a rather impressive number of oddly named "stores of a certain type" if you take my meaning.  For example: 

"To go" as opposed to... condoms to stay?  Would that be like, some kind of in-house rental program?  Just... no.

What's under my bed?  Um, besides dust bunnies, a couple of monsters, and my secret stash of money because I don't trust banks, I guess you're expecting me to answer... condoms? 

And then there's this gem, clearly a legitimate business seeking employees on the up-and-up...

That one actually makes me sad, because it reminds me there are desperate enough for work that they'd look at that sign and go, "totally worth a shot."  That kind of sucks.  :(  I'm tempted to call that number and yell at them for trying to con poor innocent jobless people... but I'm not really the yelling type.  So, you do it and let me know how it goes!

And those are only the ones I was quick enough to capture with my phone's camera, so stay posted for more Crazy Dallas posts soon...!  And if you haven't already, hop over to check out my Cicadas will Rule the Earth post, with accompanying video... my dog thinks its hilarious.

Here are some of the places you might see this post partying! 

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  1. CONDOMS TO GO?! Seriously.... hilarious! I can't believe they have a market for this. A lot of sketchy things happen in Florida (see... the dude who ate the other dude's face off when he was high from eating bath salts) but condom stores? Do they not sell them at drug stores? Cheers!

  2. Okay, Florida sounds pretty sketchy also... *cringe* but yeah these signs had me scratching my head! So glad you got a laugh out of it too! ;)

  3. Under my bed is a pile of hair bands, because I think the dust bunnies like to play with them and steal them from my hair at night. Or maybe they aren't hair bands but are used dust know... oh my! ha ha ha!

  4. Oh my! I live in Fl too. But those to go stores are a new one on me.
    No! No! Totally NOT on me! Yuck!

  5. This made me snort! haha! What's under my bed? that the suggested storage place for condoms??

  6. Very nice and interesting stores.

  7. Wow... just wow lol.... I saw some strange ones when I lived in New Orleans, but Condoms To Go is a new one by me!

  8. Love hosting Friday Frivolity with you - the condom to go one, still cracks me up.

  9. Hahaha, I grew up in Dallas and I actually think I've seen the condom sense. Yeah dallas is weird. Each area has a whole different energy but I'm gonna take a guess and say these were somewhere near 35? Seems there's a lot of this stuff that way.

    Thanks for joining us at From The Archives Friday!!!

  10. HYSTERICAL! Thank you for sharing this on Traffic Jam Weekend Linky Party. I chose it as one of the features for this weekend's party.


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