Time Sensitive!! Popping by with a Book Review for Sci Fi Lovers - STRUCK by Rachel Langley!

Time Sensitive!! Free download for Sci Fi Lovers - STRUCK by Rachel Langley!  Suspense, YA, Science Fiction book recommendation

Hello my dear, dear readers…. 

It is I, your long lost Boredom Devastator, Sarah Eliza, now "Mama Boredom Devastator" who NEVER gets bored because suddenly naps are fascinating and eagerly pursued at every opportunity… 😂

I have been stealthily working behind the scenes lately to dust off my blog (and dust off my brain) to make a Big Comeback.  This Big Comeback includes an exciting guest post series from ladies (and maybe gentlemen too, who knows!) who have used ideas and tips from my book Secrets of the Capsule Wardrobe to transform their closets.  Oh wait, does that describe YOU?  If so, you need to submit your info here, and maybe I’ll be highlighting gorgeous YOU in a guest post soon!  Stay posted!!

BUT back to important and time-sensitive matters at hand…  I have interrupted my Stealthy Behind the Scenes Work to pop by with a post and let my wonderful readers know about a fun free book download, available this week only – a YA science fiction title called Struck, written by none other than my talented cousin, Rachel Langley.   *applause*

Here’s the description of Struck from Amazon!

The headline read: A Deserted Town: Where Are the Missing?The missing. That’s what their friends and family had become. 

Laney and Leela are identical twins, except for a birthmark and two very different personalities. Home for the summer after college graduation, they go on a camping trip with their two younger siblings. When they return home, they find the town empty. Everyone is missing, including their parents and Laney’s boyfriend, Hollister. 

Besides some strange marks on the ground caused by a lightning storm, there aren’t any clues, and without any leads on the disappearances, the police leave the town isolated and closed off. Laney falls into despair, and Leela is not sure how much longer they can remain in their home, hiding from the authorities. 
When a mysterious man named Curwen arrives, claiming he wants to help them, Laney and Leela aren’t sure how to proceed. He decides to tell them the truth even though it is forbidden—he works for the leader of an underground resistance, and he knows where their loved ones have been taken. Curwen offers to help the twins on a mission to rescue their parents and Hollister—a mission that could cost them their lives. Can they trust him? He may be their only hope.

When I first read that description I had a vague impression that the story might be about a Rapture scenario, like the Left Behind series… but that wasn’t the case at all, haha!  The plot is much more intriguing than that, but I kind of don’t want to give away too much...  I feel like the description is SUPPOSED to be vague, so that the readers are as mystified as the characters for the first part of the book…  So I’ll just say, it’s a fun science fiction read that keeps you wanting to know what will happen next, and has lots of action to keep things moving in unexpected directions.  I found myself caring about the characters, even as occasionally one or two of them annoyed me… but they did not annoy me because they were inconsistent or too perfect, which are both common gripes of mine about characterization flaws in novels.  My cousin is obviously WAY too good a writer to fall into either of those pitfalls!  No, when I was annoyed at any of the characters, it was because they were basically being authentically human.... ie, emotions can be messy!  Sometimes we make poor decisions when we are too worried about the people we love to think clearly! etc.  And in those couple of moments when I was annoyed with a character, it often seemed like the other characters in the book were annoyed with him or her too, which just added to the sense of authenticity within the relationships depicted. 

Reading Struck was so fun, and I can’t wait to read more of the series!  Hurry and snag a copy of this one while it’s free, for yourself or the Young Adult in your life… but please make a mental note to go back and leave a review on Amazon once you finish reading it, as a favor in return for the gift of the book itself!  Reviews are lifeblood for a new author, and I know Rachel will love to hear your thoughts!

And if you're shaking your head sadly right now, bemoaning the fact that you don't own a Kindle so you can't read Struck... don't despair!!  You can read through the kindle app on your smart phone, or even read through your computer.  Click the banner below for more info on that!

That's all for now (it was a mad hustle to get this much written with a baby who wakes up every 30 minutes while napping!) but I'll be posting again soon, and stay tuned for a special discount promotion of my own book happening later this month!  *hugs* to all my friends out there in the interwebz... I hope you all are doing well.  😊

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  1. How neat to have a cousin who is an author as well!!
    We eagerly await your return to more frequent blogging. Hmmm, say in 6 years or so?? lol
    You are a great Mama!!

  2. I miss you, Sarah Eliza!! Baby is 3 now?? Please come back!! <3

  3. I miss you, Sarah Eliza!! Baby is 3 now?? Please come back!! Even if you have to type 1 handed while rocking!! I meant the baby, but it might be you, in the floor. If so, this too shall pass. <3


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