January Reader's Choice Fashion Picks -- Style Inspiration!

January Reader's Choice Fashion Picks -- Style Inspiration! 

January 2017 Reader's Choice Fashion Picks -- Style Inspiration!  Fashionista trending clothing and outfit ideas, via Devastate Boredom

A while back I noticed a nifty feature on one of the aggregate sites I use to discover / collect style finds and deals to share with you, my lovely readers... the site reports which clothing picks are most clicked after I post them!  

Personally I get a huge kick out of seeing what styles people were most intrigued by, so I'll be doing a periodic "Readers' Choice Awards" going forward, so that all of us can admire the different trending styles among Devastate-Boredom-reading fashionistas.  They include some pretty wide-ranging looks too!  

I've gotta say, I LOVE how y'all ladies rock your personal styles!

Check it out!

(Please note, this post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you click and / or purchase items via those links, I may receive a small commission as a result, at no cost to you.  If you would prefer to view an item via a non-affiliate link, use the contact form to let me know and I will be happy to email one to you.  Thank you for supporting Devastate Boredom!)  

January Readers' Choice Awards
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  1. Oh, I like that stars one! And the gray culottes.
    I need both of those in purple please! lol

  2. ooooooo metallic chuck taylors...drools. Also really into the shirts with the strappy fronts. You have good taste to begin with and your readers choose excellent favorites.


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