#FridayFrivolity - City Dogs Hate Camping! Funny Memes Plus LINKY Party!

Click through for more funnies!  Funny camping memes and real life story -- city dogs hate camping!  Hilarious humor post for dog or nature lovers! via Devastate Boredom
Hello Friday, and hello friends!  

Today's #FridayFrivolity topic is "camping," chosen mostly because Lisa at Syncopated Mama is a camping FIEND.  Seriously, on the night before the zombie apocalypse, I'm headed to her house!  My chances of survival will at least quadruple with her around.

My own experiences with camping are mostly limited to childhood memories, since my husband and I tend to feel this way about camping...
What if I told you camping is spending lots of money to live like a homeless person - Matrix - Funny camping memes and real life story -- city dogs hate camping!  Hilarious humor post for dog or nature lovers! via Devastate Boredom

With probably a little of this mixed in:
 My wife told me camping is a tradition in her family.  It was a tradition in everyone's family until we invented houses. Jim Gaffigan - Funny camping memes and real life story -- city dogs hate camping!  Hilarious humor post for dog or nature lovers! via Devastate Boredom

But then last month we stepped out of our comfort zone and, on a bit of a whim, went camping with a couple of our good friends.  I found the idea appealing because I'd recently gotten very preoccupied with the idea of Living Life, and not coasting through my days with my face glued to screens (is it ironic that soon after I became convicted about that, Pokemon Go made its debut in my life?).  My husband found the idea appealing because he had spotted tents on sale at Costco, and getting a great deal at Costco is one of his Favorite Things.

So, we went camping, Costco Coleman instant-dome tent in tow.  And Costco air mattresses in tow, because by some miracle Costco had the non-cancer-causing air mattresses I had been eyeing online... legit bonus points for that one, Costco!  And Costco marshmellow toasting sticks in tow, because, s'mores!  And because, have I mentioned my husband loves Costco?

Our dogs accompanied us camping, OF COURSE.  We fully expected them to love it.  Do you detect a note of ominous foreshadowing?  Oh yes, you might.  

We got to the campsite a couple of hours late, because of a last-minute run to... you guessed it... Costco.  And also because our puppy got carsick and we had to stop to clean up the mess... and when we got out to do that, one of our coffee mugs rolled out of its bag and smashed on the pavement.  Already our camping trip was off to a great start!

We spent the evening playing with fire, cooking hotdogs, and hanging out with our pals.  The tent was super easy to set up which was nice... the "instant tent" advertising was pretty accurate!  We had set it up at home the day before just to test it out, and to let our dogs explore it in a familiar setting.  As soon as we set the tent up at the campsite, the dogs wanted in!  Which maybe should have been our first clue that they were overwhelmed by all the nature around us... but I sat with them in the tent for a bit, and then we walked around the campground to let them sniff and explore, and they seemed fine.

Until bedtime.  Dinner eaten, fire out, we said goodnight to our friends and headed for the tent.

Cue confusion from our dogs.  Why are the humans lying down?  Why are they going to sleep?  THIS IS NOT WHERE WE SLEEP!  Too much fresh air... too many weird nature noises... too many sketchy people lurking around at other campsites!

Our puppy Jayne (about 8 months old at the time) was especially displeased.  He saw clearly that if the humans weren't going to stay awake and guard this new, foolish, flimsy outdoor den, it was his duty to keep us apprised of every scent on the breeze and every acorn falling nearby.  Just, you know, in case one was hostile.

Poor overwhelmed city dog!  About every fifteen minutes he would start barking, full alert mode triggered by people walking by on the road, voices and laughter from the next-tent campsite, or just the aforementioned scents and acorns he disapproved of so heartily. After about an hour and a half we decided to dose him with Benadryl as a makeshift anti-anxiety, and I got up to find the medication in the car.  

At which point I promptly set the car alarm off, because I had misguidedly thought it would be quieter to use the key to open the door rather than the "beep beep" automatic unlock.  How was I supposed to know that the car would view that as threatening?  Blaring alarm, lights flashing, and me frantically trying to hit all the buttons on the key fob to shut the danged thing up!

Now that the whole campsite was awake, I dosed Jayney with benadryl and then put him on a leash to let him do a perimeter check, hoping to set his mind at rest by proving that there weren't any boogey men out among the trees... tiptoeing around the campsite the best I could during this whole episode, because OF COURSE it was covered in the noisiest gravel imaginable, and each crunching step could be heard by everyone in a 30 foot vicinity...

When Jayne and I got back from the perimeter check (during which time he didn't bark ONCE, I might add) I zipped up the windows of the tent -- also sooo noisy hahahaha, our poor friends who were trying to sleep four feet away -- to limit the sensory input of the great outdoors as best as I could.  And it seemed to help!  Jayne settled down, and appeared to go to sleep.

Which is when the kid in the campsite over decided she missed her mommy.  Who was apparently sleeping in another tent down the road, the "grown up tent," while all the young cousins were sleeping together in the tent next to us.  Yes, I think that sounds horribly negligent too, because (as we saw the next morning) the oldest cousin wasn't more than eleven, and the kid who was screaming wasn't more than three.  At first I seriously thought the kid was lost in the woods somehow, and kept peeking through the windows trying to be sure there wasn't a toddler wandering nearby, but noooo, she was inside that tent and we could tell she wasn't alone because someone else was making a futile "shhhhhhing" noise periodically. Which she ignored, and kept crying, "Moooooooommmmmyyyyyy. I want my moommmmmmyyyyyyy," for at least several minutes before she went back to sleep.

And that happened three more times before a grown-up finally heard her (yes, it was loud enough that eventually she woke up her adults, in their tent way down the road), at which point we learned her name was Tracy.  Because her mom was whisper-calling, "Hush Tracy!  Be quiet!" as she hurried up the road towards the Kids' Tent.  

I guess Mom took Tracy back to the adult tent at that point, because she didn't wake us up any more, but Jayne took over from there and woke us another few times before dawn... *smothers yawn at the memory*  

The inescapable conclusion is: city dogs HATE camping.

Which all leads me to say:
Dude that camping trip was IN TENTS. Camp pun - Funny camping memes and real life story -- city dogs hate camping!  Hilarious humor post for dog or nature lovers! via Devastate Boredom

I'll leave you with one more funny, as a reward for reading that epic account of our nutty, sleep-deprived camping trip:  
People in sleeping bags are the soft tacos of the bear world - Funny hiking camping memes and real life story -- city dogs hate camping!  Hilarious humor post for dog or nature lovers! via Devastate Boredom

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  1. Although I'm sure you were extremely frustrated and exhausted at the time, writing this post, you had to find the hilarity in the situation (except for the poor 3 yo Tracy). I love the graphics you put together - I'm not sure which one is my favorite - I'm leaning towards the bear and the tacos comment.

  2. OhMyGoodness! I KNOW the story already and I'm STILL sitting here with tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard! LOVED this post! Loved it! (And you know if the zombie apocalypse happens, y'all can totally hunker down with us!) #FridayFrivolity

  3. That was hilarious - and perfectly describes why I hate camping with a passion. Who wants to be a sheet of nylon away from a crying child or a barking dog all night? All this while you lie on a thin mattress, wrapped in a sausage sleeping bag. Give me a hotel room any day - or better still.....my own comfy bed x

  4. The sleep deprivation is why I could never cope with camping. We tried it once and the person in the tent next to us died. Nothing to do with us! However, we have never repeated camping again! Thanks for linkig up at #FridayFrolics

  5. OMG Sarah. That's so funny. I guess that's why I've been reluctant to go camping with my 2 dogs. We do have a tent (and access to Costco) but I think my dogs are too used to their 'creature comforts' to be roughing it camping. Heavens above! LOL I wouldn't even take my kids camping. I think that might even be worse. We much prefer to rent a house when we go on holidays. Saves my sanity. (Nothing humourous to share today but I did bring my slow cooker dog food recipe, you know, if you ever decide to take your slow cooker camping.) LOL

    Anne xx

  6. Thanks for the good laugh this morning! Oh, and this is why I do not camp! Last time we went camping, about 8 years ago, I stepped in doggie doo and didn't realize it until I had crawled into my tent and essentially smeared said doo all over the tent floor. Ugh! No thanks.


  7. I admit I don't hate camping, but don't really see the point. And I think once you're all set up it's fun for awhile, until bed time. Then I always wish I were home. I haven't camped in years, and don't plan to for a long time.

  8. At least camping in the New Forest in the UK we only have to worry about horses and not bears! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

  9. Doesn't sound like camping is for you. Very funny though.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

  10. hahaha! That's a great story! When we go camping, it's always MY youngest child crying all night. Then the wind up having an ear infection or some other illness. And we wake up the entire camp with it. oy

  11. Yours was such an entertainingly funny narrative of a camping horror experience! Especially funny -- and coincidental -- is the fact that at this very minute, my oldest daughter, her husband and my granddaughter, Stella, are camping in bear-infested territory. We will see if they survived it all tomorrow when they stop by on their way back home. Thanks for sharing this -- I needed this chuckle this morning! Smiles, Linda at Paper Seedlings

  12. I shouldn't be laughing at this, but I am laughing at this. On the bright side, I bet these friends of yours will never invite you camping again. ;)

  13. Great post, it made me laugh lots. We once went camping and managed to gain 3 dogs in the tent overnight. Love your graphics too, us humans do the strangest things!

  14. LOL. Too Funny, I don't camp. Getting in touch with myself is laying on my couch with the remote in my hand.

  15. That's got to be one of the best 'camping' stories ever, Sarah. One of those, it's funny in hindsight type things. You gave me great laughs, thank you.
    And thank you so much for featuring my post as well, so kind of you, glad you enjoyed it - how did we ever survive? lol ;)
    Love the memes, especially Jim Gaffigan's one about camping. I enjoyed camping when I was young, but as I got older, well, let's just say, glamping sounds better. ;)
    Thank you again, shared, enjoyed thoroughly, loved visiting the other bloggers, thanks for the opportunity.
    Will pop back again, hope this weekend treats you kindly, #FridayFrivolity is a really appropriate title, for sure. :)

  16. I love the funnies, but for me I lived rough for years and now I am all for 5 stars :)
    Thanks for the link up ladies.
    Bloggers Pit Stop

  17. So funny! I've camped with various dogs - and a few trips have been nightmares, although I'm sure my furry pals enjoyed it!

    Thanks for sharing this with us at Throwback Thursday!

  18. Haha - those memes pretty much sum up my views on camping! Only done it once & I didn't get much sleep either!

    Thank you so much for joining us on #FridayFrolics. Hope to see you next time.


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