#TBT Cat Adoption Announcement! In Which 2009 Sarah Eliza is a Total Fan Girl of Joss Whedon's Firefly...

Happy throw-back Thursday! This visit to the 2009 adoption of my cats, Firefly and River, is prompted by the fact that I will soon be introducing you to my (fantastically awesome) dog, and I don't want my other two babies to feel left out.  ;P  Keep an eye out next week for a post all about the cuteness that is my former-puppy, now 70 lb dog, Kaylee!

At long last, after what seems like ages of planning and discussing, I ADOPTED CATS!!

If you're not an animal lover, just skip this post. My boyfriend and I are both cat people, and unabashedly so. In case you aren't aware of what that entails precisely, please reference the highly scientific graph (courtesy of xkcd) provided by Andrew below:

And yes, you read "cats" above correctly. As in, multiple bouncy, freedom-and-affection-starved, "teenage" cats. You may be wondering what possessed me, especially due to the size of my current apartment, and I'll admit to having similar thoughts several times in the two weeks that have past since "adopting" them... but by and large they're great. Insane, but great.

Let me introduce you.
This is Firefly:

And this is River:

No, we weren't going for a pseudo-Native American theme or even a hippie vibe... Their names are derived from one of our favorite Joss Whedon shows, Firefly. The movie Serenity was based off of this series, so originally River's name was Serenity, but then we realized that in fact she is in no way serene, peaceful, or any of the things you'd associate with that word... in fact she's high strung, energetic, and generally crazy. So we went with "River" instead, dubbing her thus after the show's most notoriously unpredictable character. It's a great deal more appropriate.

(Hello, my name is Sarah Eliza, and I am indeed a sci fi geek. Why do you think I love Lost?)

So far, their combined efforts have resulted in breaking a mug, getting stuck in the cupboard under the kitchen sink, attempting to climb into the dryer (the thought of possible cat-in-dryer incidents really freaks me out), succeeding in climbing into the dishwasher (though I ended that little adventure post-haste), chewing up a plant, and pulling the carpet in front of my bedroom door loose from the floor. The last little escapade effectively blocked the door and locked us out (and them in) for about fifteen minutes, while I tried to smooth the carpet down enough under the door to be able to open it again. I guess in their eagerness to "dig" out, they didn't realize how counterproductive their exertions were... All that to say, they're crazy. They're also great though, and incredibly sweet and playful, so by and large I love them devotedly. They also have been helping a lot when I need cheering up... and that counts for a great deal in my universe.

We adopted them from one of the Atlanta shelters affiliated with PetSmart, and their official designations are "calico" and "tabbico." Which as you can tell translates to "adorable" and "more adorable..." They're apparently mother and daughter, but it's hard to tell which is which because the medical records are ambiguous and they are quite close in age... definitely a teen mom scenario on this one. They were rescued from a hoarder, and when there are thirty or so cats all in one place the result would appear to be some confusing familial relationships... Our best guess is that Firefly is the daughter (she's also the loud and vocal one, which would fit with youth, yes?) and River, though smaller, is in fact the mother... size difference perhaps due to early malnourishment. And as you can clearly see, both have a future in modeling.

I'm sure I'll be mentioning them frequently from now on. :)

Here are some of the places you might see this post partying! 

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  1. You are so funny! I'm glad we found each other! Or you found me, whatever.... ;)
    I'm not a cat lover, but these girls are tres' hilarious!

    1. They're sweeties! One would try to convert you into a cat person, the other would hide. Oh well.


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