4 Reasons Why I Bought Matching Hangers After All - Organizing Your Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe

4 Reasons Why I Bought Matching Hangers After All - Organizing Your Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe

4 Reasons Why I Bought Matching Hangers After All -- tips for organizing your closet and wrapping up your minimalist capsule wardrobe!  Are matching hangers really helpful?  Advice for making this small organizational touch actually useful! via Devastate Boredom


In one of my earlier posts, I spoke mockingly of how a lot of Pinterest pins will try to make you think that buying matching hangers is some kind of magic panacea to the horrors of a cluttered closet... and of course I think that's just silly!  

Let's just be clear real quick -- if you are frustrated with a cluttered closet, it's going to take more than matching hangers to get you organized.  Discovering the Secrets of a Capsule Wardrobe is a great place to start (😏 ) and from there you'll want to eliminate redundant items in your closet by figuring out which ones are your favorite pieces, and which ones are things you purchased because they REMINDED you of your favorite shirt / dress / scarf.  Balance those bases and start expanding your collection of silhouettes, and you'll find your closet can contain FEWER items while mixing-and-matching into even more cute outfits than before!

But back to the hangers... once I had established my minimalist Capsule Wardrobe, I found myself pondering that whole matching hanger thing again.  I know, I know!  After I had made fun of it to the internetz and everything!  

After a while of pondering I went for it (I found them wayyyyyy on sale, I promise), and I discovered that I do like having them.  So, since I'm always honest with you, my lovely readers, here are four reasons why you might want matching hangers after all. 😜

Four Reasons You Might Want Matching Hangers After All

#1 -- A set of hangers provides a tangible limit to how many items of clothing you own.  Now this one kind of assumes that you're with me in the no-drawers mindset, because if you have a dresser where you store a bunch of clothes in addition to your closet, then this "benefit" won't work out for you at all.  (Check out my post The Life-Changing Magic of Hanging All the Things if you're wondering why anyone would choose NOT to store any of their clothes in a dresser!) 

But because I do hang all of my clothes, having matching hangers (or just a set number of hangers available at all) means that I have to really stick to my "one-in, one-out" policy of curating my closet.  There is no room to accidentally expand my closet out of the number of items I've decided to own, because there's literally nowhere for new things to go after laundry day if I haven't freed up a hanger!

My set of matching hangers keeps me honest. 

#2  Switching all of my hangers out made me touch every item of clothing in my closet, all at once.  Frequently, establishing a Capsule Wardrobe is a process that extends over a period of time.  That might be a couple of days, or a week, or more, but I've not met anyone yet who managed to do it all in one sitting!  So switching out my hangers to the new, matching set forced me to handle and consider every single item I owned all in one go.  And I ended up transitioning out two more pieces of clothing as a result, things I had taken for granted I loved but actually were just still in my closet out of habit.  

Acquiring matching hangers provides a great opportunity to pause, think, look at the "big picture" of your curated closet, and make sure you've actually been as deliberate as you think you've been.  

#3  Having matching hangers can make it super easy to switch around your wardrobe for the changing seasons.  Living in the south, I'm ALMOST able to have a year-round Capsule Wardrobe.  It's so close!  In the winter I just layer up a little and pretty much just keep wearing the same stuff I wore in the summer... but in the summer there is usually no way I want to wear long sleeves / pants any more.  So I do end up doing some shifting around when the seasons change.  

To facilitate this, I currently have my winter clothes on cream-colored hangers and summer clothes on black, so I don't even have to think about which clothing qualifies as cold-weather or warm-weather pieces... I just grab the color hangers I'll be wearing the most, and stick those front and center.  

No thinking = easy organization.  

#4  Matching hangers are aesthetically pleasing...  And your clothes are less likely to end up in a crumpled heap on the closet floor.  

I put this last because having matching hangers IS an unnecessary indulgence in the grand scheme of things... and I'm way too practical to tell you that you need them just because they look nice.  But for what it's worth, they DO look nice, ha! 

Additional aesthetic considerations -- if you pick a velvet-covered type of hanger, they do keep your clothes in place (and off the closet floor) much better than a wire hanger.  The velvety hangers also leave a much less noticeable crease in the shoulders of some of my clothes than the wire ones tended to, which is another nice little perk.

Anyway, there you have it.  Thus far my matching hangers have been a helpful addition to my Capsule Wardrobe organization system, and they made my closet "feel" finished, aesthetically speaking.  

Now remember, don't make the mistake of thinking that matching hangers will single-handedly "transform" your closet!  But if you're well on your way to having an organized closet or Capsule Wardrobe already, you might find matching hangers to be a helpful touch. 😉

What about you -- what silly little indulgences actually help motivate you to stay organized??  

The indulgence of a fancy planner is one I always HOPE will motivate me to stay organized but so far hasn't.... so if you have advice on how to make an awesomely adorable paper planner actually useful let me know that too, haha!

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  1. Okay, now that's something I actually never thought about, but it makes sense in a weird kinda way Sarah. Especially your first point about one-in, one-out. I really like that idea, a lot

  2. Okay, your idea of two different colors of hangers for the different seasons is just genius, but OhMyGoodness, I could never do that! Ack! They all have to match! I had a goal to get all matching hangers way before any tidying up magic hit the world, just because I'm so OCD! G does not - does NOT, I say - care about any sort of cohesiveness in his closet and it drives me CRAZY! So much so, I've started asking Gv to hang his clothes up for me, whenever I can! :P

  3. Hi Sarah Eliza! I have all matching hangers too! Cheap plastic, PURPLE ones! lol
    I want to know how your prego clothes fir into your capsule wardrobe??


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