Friday Frivolity: LOLcats and gifs to Make You Laugh! Plus Free and Fun Friday Linky #5! Link-Up Your Humor, Giveaways, Free Stuff Now!

 It's finally Friday, and you've earned a little frivolity!  Have some awesomely funny cats...  and then see below for our Free and Fun Friday link-up!

Professor Cat wants to know why you're laughing...

Will things ever be the same between us again?

Ow! -- Sorry sorry sorry sorry!
Blinds? What blinds?

(happy weekend from teh kittehs!) 

Now for the link-up!  Drum roll for our features please!!

Feature #1, with the MOST clicks:
This may look like any old recipe post, but let me assure you, Lisa at Syncopated Mama regularly has me in stitches!  This Dairy-Free Spinach and Artichoke dip is not only a tasty dish, but also a hilarious saga in and of itself.  Must-read!!  :)

Feature #2... is actually a well-deserved tie!

From Free and Fun Friday - Procaffeinating and other food and drink funnies via Munofore!

Audrey at Munofore brings us a collection of cartoons celebrating food and drink -- my other two favorite things besides "free" and "funny"!!  :P


Sandee at Comedy Plus brings us a funny theater-going joke courtesy of her Silly Sunday link-up.  She and I sort of act like bookends...  Free and Fun Friday to start the weekend off right, and then Silly Sunday to fortify you for return of the dreaded Monday!  ;)

Now on to this week's link-up fun!

This link party has two purposes....  

1)  To showcase humorous, entertaining, lighthearted posts, that will perk up our Friday and set the weekend off on the right foot.  That crazy thing that happened last week, funny media reviews, pinterest disasters, that bizarre thing your kid said... anything that will make us smile.  Positive, uplifting, and happy is what we're going for! 

2) To highlight free stuff, particularly personal downloadable/printable freebies, to perk up our Friday without pulling down our wallets.  Pretty much anything is awesome, as long as it is completely free, in its entirety, no strings attached.  Collections of free printables or a post showing how you used a free download in a DIY project are fantastic too, as long as they clearly credit and link back to the freebies' original creator.  

Basically, when it comes to FREE and FUNNY, you are in the right place!

What to do to have a great time: Start clickin'!  ;)

What to do to link up:
  • Please follow Devastate Boredom on your favorite bloggy source!
  • You may post up to three Free or Fun links, but please visit and comment on a different link for each one.  If you add 3 links, you should also click and comment at least 3 times! 
  • Link back please!-- you can grab the button from the sidebar to the right if you like, but a text link is great too.  :)
I know rules in general are annoying, so as a "thank you" for following them, all links that do will be tweeted AND pinned, and will be eligible to be featured next week!!  :D  

Other rules and good stuff to know:
  • You are welcome to use an older post that still deserves traffic, but you may not link to the same thing more than once in a month.  Keep things fresh here, people!
  • This party goes live at 7:30 am central time each Friday.
  • Giveaways are welcome!  So are link-ups, but I would appreciate if you would try to add an on-topic content post as well!  (Funny, smile-worthy, free, etc) 
  • Please no posts selling anything, and no "free" ads that are generating commission (these will be deleted).

Here are some of the places you might see this post partying! 

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  1. Hi Sarah! Today is Friday, but the linky is closed and says it will only open in two days time.
    My weekend blog hop is live at

    1. My bad!! Fixed it now... clearly more coffee is in my near future. :P

  2. I love being a bookend with you. That works for me.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  3. The cat in the blinds made me LOL! Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend!

    Alexis @

    1. Ahahaha can you imagine, not only was he hanging there, but long enough for the owner to take a picture. OH my. :P

  4. I'm so excited that you featured my post, and am glad that I can keep you in stitches, because that's what you do to me, too! That cat with the toupee is hilarious! Have a super weekend!

    1. Awwww thanks Lisa! :D Yep, I laughed out loud when I found that one, tehe!

  5. I TOTALLY <3 this ! I'm so glad we found each other in this blogsphere

  6. Can't wait to get to the computer and link up! I'm on the phone and can't do it. I got the grandbaby early this weekend. Yay!
    Did a lot of clearance shopping today. Woo hoo! Not free, but definitely Fun!!

    1. Awwww grandbaby how fun! Sorry you didn't get to do the link-up... we missed you! I'll hope to see you next week!!

      And clearance shopping is AWESOME. What'd you buy??

  7. Love this idea for a link up, because funny blog posts are my absolute favorite kind!

    1. I know, I love connecting over laughter. :) I hope you'll come by and link up next week!

  8. Just wanted to say I really love this link-up. Hoping to have something to contribute next week! :)

    1. Yay, please do Alexandra! Old posts are more than welcome tooooo if that helps...

  9. Cats can be really funny! The first picture is my favorite!


  10. Hi Sarah :)
    I'm not for the link-up, but to say that I LOVEEEEEEEEE these photos

    1. Thanks for coming by Winnie! So glad you liked the photos. :D

      Feel free to click around the link-up too, my friends are HILARIOUS! ;)

  11. Visiting again from a link party so I can get another laugh! (& also share the post some more!)

  12. bahaha I love the toupee cat... my cat is going to wish i never saw that :-)


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