Friday Frivolity - Hilarious Dog Memes Plus FREE and FUN Linky Blog Party! Link-Up Now!

Welcome Friday!  We've missed you!  ;P  

This past week I introduced you all to my ADORBS PUPPY Kaylee (plus 10 tips on how to ensure a smooth shelter adoption and transition home), so in honor of that... our Frivolity for this week is dog-themed!  Enjoy!  

(and if you're looking for the link-up, you'll find it below!  :D)

Caffeinated Dog is HYPER! Coffee, WHAT COFFEE?  Friday Frivolity Dog Memes and Link-Up! via Devastate Boredom
Hmmm.... are you willing to share your coffee source, friend?  That looks like some good stuff...

Don't Worry About the Dog, I Will Keep Him Under Control, Great Dane Baby Funny Dog Memes and Link-Up via Devastate Boredom
Ok cool, I believe that.  Something about you inspires confidence, little man... I think it's the hat.

You Can Look But You Can't Touch, Guard Dogs Baby, Friday Frivolity funny dog memes and link-up
Got it guys, no need to tell me twice.

Little Girl Guard Dog Stethoscope Funny Meme, Yes She's Annoying But I Love Her! Friday Frivolity fun to make us laugh, plus link-up!
OMG both are SO SERIOUS.  It's adorable.

Now on to the link-up!  :D

Drum roll for our features please!

Feature #1 is Audrey from Munofore, with her awesomely hilarious collection of memes inspired by facebook privacy policies.  They were all so awesome I had a hard time picking just one to show, but I think this one is my favorite... click through to see the rest!  
Hilarious Facebook Privacy Settings Memes, Earth Into the Sun Apocalypse, via Munofore and featured at Devastate Boredom's Free and Fun Friday

Feature #2 is Jamie from Medium Sized Family, whose post highlighted a printable standard grocery list you can customize.  Clearly, we're all looking for ways to save time on boring stuff like grocery shopping... so we can spend more time hanging out with friends online and chuckling over funnies at this link-up!  ;P  Click through to check it out and download!
Save Time with a Standard Grocery List, via mediumsizedfamily and featured at Devastate Boredom's Free and Fun Friday!
Time for the new stuff!  We love funny and/or encouraging posts, free printables, giveaways, and other fun stuff to make us SMILE and start the weekend off on the right foot.  

If you're a blogger here to link up please read the rules below.  

If you're just here to have fun, skip the rules and start clickin'!

Bloggy buddies, three rules only

1.  Please be generous with your clicks and comments!  Blogging is all about connection, and nothing is more fun than knowing something you wrote was meaningful to a reader.  :)

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I'm so happy you're here!  Let's have some fun.  :D

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  1. Thanks for hosting and have a great week.

  2. Dogs are the best :) The little girl playing doctor with her dog is what happens at our house every day :)

    1. Awwwww CUTE! My dog Kaylee is DYING for us to get her a kid.... ;P

  3. I love that dog that had too much coffee. That's hilarious.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  4. Great doggy memes! These are so funny. Thanks for hosting!

  5. LOVE the dog memes!!!

  6. Thanks for the party, hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Sarah Eliza you just melted my dog loving heart. Thank you for hosting and have a great weekend.

  8. I completely missed out on the party this week because we were so busy, but the dog memes still cracked me up - especially because we adopted a rescue pup this past week! See you again this Friday, Sarah Eliza!

    1. I missed you!! But I am SO excited you adopted a rescue... How old is it? How breed do you think? Can I see pics? How is getting along with Gv?? *happy dance* I wish we lived nearby so Kaylee and your dog could be friends...

    2. So I just realized that after almost two years of blogging, some of my comments on other blogs have been totally going to an email I never check...prepare for all sorts of responses from me. :/

      Our dog is 4.5 and he's an Italian Greyhound, from the IG Rescue group. I'd had an IG for 13 years before, so knew I wanted another one. I'm pretty sure I put a photo on for my Monday snapshot posts after we got him...hmmm, I did, but you can't see him really well: I'll have to dig up so other photos to share with you - remind me if I forget, but I might even have shots of him in some of my more recent/upcoming posts, because he's very into whatever we happen to be doing at the moment. I wish Kaylee and Linus-Aquinas (he came named Linus, but we wanted something Italian, so G thought Aquinas might make for an easy transition...but Gv still calls him Linus, so he might just remain Linus-Aquinas for all time) could be friends, too! And I'm cracking up at your comment above about Kaylee wanting you guys to get her a kid!

    3. Waiiiittt stop the press, are you getting a second dog with the puppy thing then? Or was I reading an old post about the potential puppy and got mixed up? Your Italian Greyhound sounds like a sweety! I'll have to research them before we adopt another dog (which isn't going to be for a while, to Kaylee's sadness... she's the most social dog ever and she just can't understand why our "pack" is so small...)

  9. I always love this post idea :) Such fun links! I don't know how I missed this on Friday, but I should have linked up my quotes post! Guess I'll have to remember this week!

    1. Ooooh definitely come by next week! That reminds me I need to go back and print some of your quotes... I didn't get to last time even while I was raving about them because I was out of colored ink. Headed over to do that now! :)


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