Mambo Sprouts coupon booklet giveaway!! Nom nom natural and organic (and affordable!) food!!

Excitingly enough, once again Mambo Sprouts has kindly sent a huge stack of coupon booklets my way, to shower upon the eager organic-and-natural-food-devouring, budget-aware, gorgeous-and-savvy Boredom Devastators who read my blog. ;P This installment of the Mambo Sprouts coupon book line includes coupons for Clif Kids, Rice Select, Ian's, Organic Valley, Country Choice, Florida Crystals, and a ton of others. (!!) I'm trying to play it cool, but the combination of "organic" and "coupons" has been known to make me a little giddy... Mambo Sprouts is well-worth checking out! Don't forget that in addition to signing up to receive a coupon booklet mailed several times a year direct to your door, you can also print out coupons on their site for everything from 7th Generation cleaning products to organic cocktail mixers.

You can find a lot of other fun stuff on the Mambo Sprouts website, including interactive contests with great prizes like a spa getaway or organic Halloween treats, and information on the Go Mambo! tour currently visiting Whole Food markets around the country with free samples and goodies. I'm actually a little miffed that Go Mambo! won't be visiting me down South, so I don't care to discuss that event much further (HINT HINT Mambo Sprouts, HINT HINT). However they're currently touring the mid-Atlantic region so check that out if you're in the area.

And now drumroll please... Mambo Sprouts has kindly provided me with 10 booklets to give away! There will also be a Grand Prize winner who will also receive a $3/1 Kashi cereal coupon and a coupon for any FREE Star Fine Product (yayyyyy free cereal and olive oil!!). Here's how you can enter:

1) Leave a comment expressing how much you like coupons, or organic stuff, or just feeling the glow of satisfaction that comes from winning something. :P You also must be subscribed to my blog, either via email or an RSS reader, so mention that as well please.
2) Follow me on twitter @REALsaraheliza. Be sure to say hey! If we're already twitter buddies, that counts too.
3) Follow @MamboSprouts on twitter. Say hi to them to for good measure. And again, if you already follow them then that counts too.

This coupon giveaway will end in one week, next Monday the 26th, and winner will be chosen by a random number generator. Make sure to leave some way for me to contact you in your comments so that I can get in touch with you if you win. And with so many booklets to be given away, I have to say your odds are good! ;P

NOTE: If you try to comment and it doesn't go through, please email me and let me know! I'll make sure you get entered, and hopefully I can figure out what's creating the problem in the first place. :) Thanks!!


  1. Yum! I love free and organic stuff! And I subscribed via email!

  2. Good health at low prices!! What more can I ask! Fantastic! Next stop Mambo Sprouts!

  3. I love coupons, and I really need to eat more healthy organic stuff for babies, who doesn't love winning!!

  4. I love coupons. And organic things. AND I am sad because Mambo Sprouts does not currently send this fab coupon book to my zip code, so I would love to win one!

  5. I'm following you on Twitter now! Also, I added you to my Google reader but forgot to mention that in my last comment...

  6. Would love some free organic coupons!!

  7. I have tried posting for days!

    Those Clif Kids bars are sooo tasty. I had a Graham Cracker one recently and it was sooo good. Plus, I love coupons ;)

  8. I love organic and coupons are great since they usually cost more.

  9. libbygmiller@yahoo.comOctober 23, 2009 at 5:33 PM

    Coupons are awesome. Coupons are free tickets to a new adventure. Try something old or something new when only a few cents will do.


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