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Over the past year or so I've read a good bit from different bloggers discussing how taking online surveys can be a decent source of extra vacation or Christmas money. My budget is quite tight currently and I have a hankering for a wii, so when it occurred to me that I could save up amazon credits towards buying one...! I started signing up for survey sites that very day. I figured I'd pass along some of my trial and error thus far to my fellow Boredom Devastators, so to that end I'll be highlighting a survey site a week for a while -- both the good and the bad -- and maybe we can all keep each other company while earning a few extra bucks!

We'll start with the site Surveyhead. Unsurprisingly, surveyhead was initially appealing to me because of the $5 sign-up bonus they offer to all new clients -- wooo free money! Another huge plus is that Surveyhead places within the top 10 of the survey site ranking done by Survey Police, an awesome resource that independently verifies the legitimacy of survey sites based on their privacy policy, compensation record, etc, and allows for extensive client-comments and peer-monitoring as well.

My personal experience with Surveyhead has been quite positive so far. They frequently have new studies available, and I qualify regularly. My favorite was a product trial that provided me two weeks worth of chewing gum and compensated $10 for my feedback... sweet! Right now I'm only $2.75 away from the cash-out point of $25, and I started taking surveys with the company less than six weeks ago! Once I hit that $25 goal and my survey credit is approved I'll have my choice of several redemption methods, including amazon credit and paypal.

Which leads me to my only caveat... up to this point Surveyhead has been a little slow in processing my survey credit. I understand why, since surveys usually state that they will verify the data to weed out anyone who answers inconsistently or "flatlines" (checks the same answers across the board without even reading the questions), but at the same time Surveyhead seems to take the longest to do so of any of the companies I'm working with. And impatient Sarah Eliza is impatient! ;P The other thing is that Surveyhead doesn't email you when new survey opportunities come available, so you'll want to just get in the habit of logging in daily to check for them. Besides that though, the site is great, and I'm psyched to already be so close to earning my first reward. I'll keep y'all posted as to how much longer it takes to get there!

Note: I had been planning to do this survey post series for a while, but I chose Surveyhead to review first because it is currently one of my advertising affiliates via Logical Media. I want to be perfectly clear about that because I resent when bloggers seem to be pretending that their paid advertisements are unique, unsponsored content. Your clicks here will indeed benefit me, but I would have written this exact same post regardless. We good here? Excellent. Also, if you have a favorite survey site that you would like to refer me to, let me know about it! I'd love for you to benefit in return. :)

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  1. I haven't tried SurveyHead yet. The fact that I have to go to them is a deterrent though...My favorite survey sites are Opinion Outpost and My View. If you would like to sign up, let me know so I can benefit from a referral!


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