Friday, April 29, 2011

iTunes Free Music Madness... Emmylou Harris, Ray Orbison, An Horse, Jarabe del Palo and more!

Apparently I have been WAYYY out of the loop, because all of the sudden in addition to their Song of the Week, Discovery Download, and Cancion de la Semana, iTunes also has an "Indie Spotlight" and something simply called "Free Song" (haha). Some fun stuff this week, check it out!

Song of the Week: "Dressed Sharply" -- An Horse (the biggest thing that stands out to me about this one is the stupid deliberate typo in their band name...)
Discovery Download: "Grass" by Black Ryder (according to the comments, this style of music treats the voice as just another instrument. So... you're not supposed to be able to understand the lyrics? Not sure why they would bother to have them then, though for all we know maybe the singer is just going "oooooh ahhhhhhhh ohhhhhh ahhhh" in tune with the music)
Free Song: "New Orleans" -- Emmylou Harris (my favorite this week)
Indie Spotlight: "County Line" -- Cass McCombs
Free Video: "Oh Pretty Woman" -- Ray Orbison (yeah, as in, the classic!)
Latin Single: "Para Enredar" -- Jarabe del Palo (Fun! Especially because here and there I can actually understand the lyrics...)

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