Sunday, February 27, 2011

Free Music Madness: New Josh Ritter MP3!

Did you wonder where I'd gone?  I'm still here, juggling the various aspects of life.  This student teaching gig takes work, I can tell you that.  However...  free music!  Yay!

I rave about Josh Ritter regularly enough that I imagine some of you will start to recognize his name even if you didn't know of him previously... but I hope you did!  He's a really fabulous singer/songwriter, and crafts his lyrics beautifully.

You can currently get a free download of the Wallpaper remix of his song "The Remnant" over on the Filter website.  Obviously, since it's a remix it's not quite the typical Josh Ritter sound, but its very worth snagging and adding to your collection.  Enjoy!  :)

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