Friday, November 12, 2010

Quick Note on an Awesome Organic Skincare Deal!

Recently while I was raving about my newest favorite daily deals sites, Eversave and Jasmere, I mentioned that there had been an Eversave deal on organic skincare that I had just purchased and loved, but that was no longer available... well that awesome company was Anthology Organic, and they're back with a new deal, this time on Jasmere!

So if you like vegan products; simple but efficacious organic ingredients like shea butter, jojoba, and essential oils; or just love a good vintage design, you should totally check out Jasmere's deal on Anthology, available until Monday!  Right now it's $16 for a $35 credit, and the price may go down even further as more people buy over the next few days.  I love this company's products and ethics, and getting it at a discount is even better!

PS.  Those are referral links, but the opinions I've expressed are 100% mine and not influenced by that.  You should totally check out the deal even if you don't want to use my link.  ;)

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